Benefits of nutrition labels.

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Nutrition labels are nutritional information labels affixed to food and beverage packages under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. It will indicate the type and amount of nutrients contained in that food or drink in a rectangular box or nutritional information box.

Eating food without considering energy and nutrient intake. This may cause consumers to receive inappropriate amounts of nutrients and be at risk of developing various diseases. Such as binge eating disorder. Malnutrition, diabetes , high blood pressure, Hypercholesterolemia or heart disease, etc. Where nutrition labels are base on ready-made or semi-finished foods. UFABET  There are benefits to consumers as follows:

  • Helps you to buy and select foods that have appropriate nutrients for your own health factors.
  • Helps compare nutritional values ​​between food products of the same type. To enable consumers to choose food products that have better nutritional value
  • When consumers choose food base on nutritional value. It may help to motivate entrepreneurs to produce food with emphasis on nutritional value as well.

Which is divided into 2 formats as follows:

Full nutrition label It is a label showing the type and amount of 15 important nutrients that people should know. Including total energy. Energy from fat, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol , protein, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron are most often characterized as vertical datasets. But if the package has a limited height. It can also display the full nutrition label horizontally according to the criteria.

Abbreviated nutrition label Used in cases where the amount of nutrients in the food or drink is so small. That it is consider zero, 8 or more items, out of the 15 items specified by the Ministry of Public Health. Therefore there is no need to display the full label.