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What is saturated fat?

Saturated fat is fat that has hydrogen molecules attached to it. It is fat that can solidify at room temperature. This type of fat is found in fatty meats, lard, dark chocolate. Some dairy products such as butter, cheese  and cream, etc. may also be found in plants.

Benefits of nutrition labels.

Nutrition labels are nutritional information labels affixed to food and beverage packages under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. It will indicate the type and amount of nutrients contained in that food or drink in a rectangular box or nutritional information box. Eating

Watercress and its nutritional value.

Watercress or water salad is a vegetable that is becoming popular among health lovers. Because it is rich in many types of nutrients. Such as calcium, iron, antioxidants and various vitamins. It is also believed to have other health benefits as well. Especially cancer treatment

Does Buckwheat really have benefits for the body?

The various important substances found in buckwheat make it believed that. Buckwheat may be beneficial to various aspects of the body’s health. Including being effective in preventing certain diseases. Therefore, there has been research on the benefits of buckwheat in various aspects as follows: Reduce blood