Watercress and its nutritional value.

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Watercress or water salad is a vegetable that is becoming popular among health lovers. Because it is rich in many types of nutrients. Such as calcium, iron, antioxidants and various vitamins. It is also believed to have other health benefits as well. Especially cancer treatment properties. which is getting a lot of attention.

Watercress is an easy-to-eat vegetable that can be eaten raw, eaten as a salad or used in other dishes. 100 grams of watercress provides only about 11 calories. It’s also fat-free and rich in important nutrients for the body as follows:UFABET 

  • Vitamins: This vegetable has vitamin A and vitamin C that are important for growth. The work of the immune system and various tissues in the body, including vitamin K that helps blood clot.
  • Minerals such as calcium that help strengthen bones. Potassium helps normalize blood pressure levels. Iron helps in the production of red blood cells. and manganese that helps in the functioning of the brain and nervous system, etc.
  • Dietary fiber helps in the functioning of the digestive system. and good for the digestive system  
  • Antioxidants Helps resist the process of free radicals and inflammation in the body. This can lead to serious diseases like cancer. Coronary artery disease, diabetes and cataracts