What is saturated fat?

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Saturated fat is fat that has hydrogen molecules attached to it. It is fat that can solidify at room temperature. This type of fat is found in fatty meats, lard, dark chocolate. Some dairy products such as butter, cheese  and cream, etc. may also be found in plants. Such as coconuts, coconut oil  and palm oil Including in baked food or various types of ready-made food.

Is saturated fat good for the body?

is fat that is harmful to health. Eating excessive amounts of this fat can cause your cholesterol levels to increase, especially the bad cholesterol. UFABET   which will stick to the artery walls and cause blockages. Therefore, it is expected that consuming may indirectly cause heart disease. But it has not been clearly established that saturated fat directly causes heart disease. One study found that was not related to heart disease. However, studies in this area still need to be done to know the exact results.

Amount of saturated fat that is safe for health

From the advice of the Ministry of Public Health. The total amount of fat that people should receive should not exceed 6 teaspoons per day. But if you are a diabetic patient with no complications. You should eat only 3-4 teaspoons per day. The American Heart Association has recommended that You should eat only 5-6% of saturated fat from the total calories your body needs per day.