The Premier League has given the green light to use homeless players. 

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The Premier League has given the green light to use homeless players. work permit.

The English Football Association (FA) has announced a hilarious new rule. Allow teams in the top leagues like the Premier League and minor leagues to enter the elite city. Players who do not have a work permit in the UK, or “work permits” can now signe. Although not without an unlimited number of free releases.

Tens of hundreds of years ago Players who will come to football in the English league. It is necessary to apply for a work permit with strict rules. making many foreign players of many countries around the world including some players of the Thai national team Missed the opportunity to show his talent in the Premier League because he did not meet the criteria for the work permit.

However, the latest FA by chief executive Mark Bullingham confirmed that English clubs will now able to register players without a work permit. behind the British Interior Ministry Agreed to approve new criteria for international visas

“As the governing body of English football We have to take care of the entire football system. And we want to create a new model that caters to all parties involved in our football.”

“We work closely with clubs and leagues. and has designed this progressive approach which will make clubs More access to international talent And increase the opportunity for those players to show their talents in the English league more as well.

for this new rule It will take effect from the official summer transfer date on June 14, allowing Premier League and EFL Championship teams to register up to four players without a work permit. While clubs in League One and League Two have a maximum quota of 2 people. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท