‘Neuer’ doesn’t know the statistics of 700 goalkeeper matches

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Legendary Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has revealed he did not know he was in goal in his 700th game for the club, a 1-0 win over Manchester United on Tuesday.

The “Southern Tigers” went on to defeat the “Red Devils” at Old Trafford in the final Champions League group game, where the 37-year-old goalkeeper also kept his 318th clean sheet.

After the game, Neuer was asked if he knew it was his 700th game with the Bavarian team. He said he didn’t know before.

“I don’t know about that,” the Germany goalkeeper replied.

“I’m fit. I didn’t expect things to happen. It will be smooth without any problems. Try to maintain the rhythm without taking any breaks. “

We are very happy right now and I am very grateful to the medical team. (After taking a break for a year)”

Meanwhile, Neuer talks about competing for the “Iron Eagle” number 1 in the Euro 2024 finals next summer with Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Kevin Traup. Pip said, “We are always in contact.”

“We are teammates. We all want to play in the Euros.” ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

“No matter how it ends, We will have good goalkeepers. Guard the pole for the team.”