Manchester City are close to closing the deal for the first player this summer.

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Manchester City are close to closing the deal for the first player this summer.

โปรโมชั่น ufabet news of Manchester City, the 3-champion team of England. Prepare to tie the first new player of the season this summer. Within the next few days. Which is Mateo Kovacic, a talented midfielder, Chelsea captain.

Pep Guardiola’s team just completed the final task of the 2022/23 season only this weekend. With the UEFA Champions League championship bill check that made it their historic year that they won all 3 major championships. It was England’s first team in 24 years.

There is also an analysis that after winning 3 championships, where will Pep’s team still want to add? It seems that they can start counting early. with a name. That has link together for a long time like Kovacic

With the Croatia international’s contract expiring next year, Chelsea are ready to sell this summer to make money at the club. which enters the way for Manchester City to pay a low price Pulled to add options in the midfield. That could either a replacement for Ilkay Gundogan. Whose contract expires at the end of this month, or Calvin Phillips. Who is expecte to sold.

Sky Deutschland correspondent Florian Plattenberg said City had reached a verbal agreement with Kovacic: “Everything is going in the right direction, Kovac. Zic is joining Pep at Manchester City and it can confirme that a verbal agreement has reache.

“As for the negotiations between Manchester City and Chelsea, it will take place next. which should be within this week.”