Evra reveals what Manchester United players need the Manchester derby

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Evra reveals what Manchester United players need to do in the Manchester derby.

Former Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra has reveal the Red Devils must follow Erik ten Hag’s plans and must put passion into the Manchester derby against Manchester City. 

The Red Devils are doing a great job. After winning 8 consecutive games in all competitions And lost only one game out of the last 18 matches

”What I want in this game is First of all, forget the other games. because it’s scary I want them to respect the game plan. I want them to stick to the plan,” Evra said.

”I don’t expect United to be in possession of the game. Because if they want to play against City they will lose. I think United can hurt them. Looking at their weaknesses, the goals City conceded, you can shoot at them.”

”When I watched City play, I had the feeling that any team could shoot against them. But if it was their day Let’s just say they can wreck you, ruin it, like they did against United earlier in the season.”

”Of course, I’m confident too. We have a great record right now. And the atmosphere at Old Trafford was bustling, everything was perfect. But sometimes in football when everything is perfect You could be slapped in the face.”

“I want United to play this game with the feeling and feeling of a derby but they have to play according to their strategy.”

“Ten Hag will have his plan. If United play the way they played against Arsenal and Liverpool, they won’t dominate. But they will rely on precision. (Meaning not having to dominate the ball to attack a lot But invade and come as a door Finish the score decisively)”

Manchester United are currently fourth in the table. Four points behind second-placed Manchester City.